Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA
Traveling Information

 Map of Baton Rouge, LA
Map Courtesy of Louisiana
Department of Transportation

Distances From Major Cities
Atlanta, GA   540 miles
Austin, TX   428 miles
Biloxi, MS   144 miles
Boston, Massachusetts   1579 miles
Chicago, Illinois   909 miles
Dallas, TX   432 miles
Houston, TX   272 miles
Little Rock, AR   348 miles
Los Angeles, CA   1817 miles
Memphis, TN   379 miles
Miami, FL   945 miles
Mobile, AL   202 miles
Montreal, CAN   1702 miles
Nashville, TN   587 miles
New Orleans, LA   85 miles
New York, NY   1360 miles
Orlando, FL   693 miles
Pensacola, FL   261 miles
San Antonio, TX   473 miles
Shreveport, LA   276 miles
St Louis, MO   662 miles
Toronto, CAN   1357 miles
Washington, DC   1145 miles

 By Plane
The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Ryan Field) is served by major airlines. Baton Rouge is accessible by jet service via Delta, American, Northwest, Continental and US Air. Additional service is available through New Orleans International Airport, about 1 hour East of Baton Rouge.

Train and Bus
Connecting buses from New Orleans’ Amtrak station and regular Greyhound buses come in to Baton Rouge at 1253 Florida St, fifteen minutes from downtown.

Getting Around
Local buses, run by Capital City Transportation are infrequent.

Travel by Car
There is little public transportation in the  Baton Rouge area. A car is essential. Baton Rouge is served by interstate highways 10, 12, 55, 59 and 49.

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